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Zero Carbon Living, by Caplin Homes Ltd. Now built in Great Glen, Leicestershire.

 The SOLAR HOUSE project has two aims:

Proof of Efficiency

To demonstrate that it is both practical and affordable to build Zero Carbon houses, powered only by the sun’s energy all year round.


To use the data from the first house to model a wide variety of building types so that house builders can have an “out-of-the-box” solution to apply the technology to their own houses.

Visit our “Builder’s Blog” to follow its progress.

The project is managed by a consortium led by Caplin Homes, who provide the highly insulated and airtight timber frame structure and the inter-seasonal storage, Newform Energy, who provide the solar  collectors, heat pump and control system, John Cotterill Sustainable Architecture, who designed the building and who has worked with Caplin Homes over the past five years and finally, De Montfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, who will  be undertaking detailed measurements of the system’s performance over its first full year of operation.
Building work started in February 2013 and is expected to be completed in September.
Solar Energy will be collected by the array of Hybrid solar panels from May onwards so as to build up the temperature in the Heat Storage facility known as the “Earth Energy Bank”. This is simply a matrix of shallow bores drilled into the earth between the foundation walls. The earth mass absorbs and holds the summertime heat for use in the following winter.
In April 2014, De Montfort University will publish a set of interim performance data showing how the energy was stored and recovered during the winter. At the end of the first full yeat they will publish a final report giving a full account of the building’s first full year of operation.

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About Caplin Homes Ltd.

Caplin Homes specialise in building the most energy efficient timber frame houses.

They dramatically reduce heating and maintenance costs and yet are no more expensive to buy than conventional homes.
Whether it’s a five bedroom detached house for a private owner, or two up, two down affordable semis for housing associations, we can take a project through from design to completion without fuss using established materials and methods.
Caplin Homes are located in Leicestershire and undertake projects throughout the East Midlands.
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Caplin Homes Ltd. Stackley House, Stretton Road,
Great Glen, Leicestershire. LE8 9GP
0116 259 3591

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